Packing made easy – Moores Removals Packing Kits

Moving home can be a stressful time, especially when you have to balance your work and personal life along the way. We aim to make the whole process easier by providing you with all the packing kits equipment you will need, from boxes and tissue paper to rolls of tape and marker pens.

Postage and packaging on all packing kits is £9.99.

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Extras to help along the way

Starter Pack – £70.00 + P&P

  • 15 large boxes (double-walled 500mm x 460mm x 460mm)

  • 15 book/CD boxes (double-walled rigid 460mm x 350mm x 350mm)

  • 1 pack of tissue paper

  • 3 rolls of tape

  • 1 marker pen

Tape (48mm x 66m) – £3.00 per roll + p&p

Strong, durable, brown vinyl parcel tape for sealing your packing boxes.

Large Moving Box (double-walled 500mm x 460mm x 460mm) – £3.50 each + p&p

This is ideal for clothes, bedroom items and bulky (but not overly heavy) items. It’s also great for storage of large household items such as collectables, holiday ornaments, serving platters, lamps, and stereo and computer equipment. These boxes are shipped flat.

Wrapping Paper (500mm x 750mm 160 sheets) £12.50 + p&p

An all-purpose, inexpensive packaging material; this is unprinted white newspaper which can be used for general wrapping applications as well as filling voids when packing boxes.

Wardrobe Box (508mm long x 451mm wide x 1220mm high) – £12.00 each + p&p

Essential for domestic garment moving – just hang clothes as you do in your normal wardrobe, and unpack straight into your new home, crease and crumple free. Our wardrobe boxes are made in heavy duty double-walled corrugated cardboard and come complete with an easy fit hanging bar which also prevents crushing. These boxes are shipped flat.

Book Box (double-walled rigid 460mm x 350mm x 350mm) – £2.00 each + p&p

These are great for shipping, storing books, collectables and small manufactured items. Solid and industry standard, these boxes are shipped flat.

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